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Flooded Shop in Richmond, BC

Broken pipe in the kitchen caused water damage affected a big shop in Richmond, BC. The issue happened overnight, the day after when customer back to the shop e... READ MORE

Professional COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning

This client in Richmond, BC asked SERVPRO of North Vancouver to help them for reopening their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned ... READ MORE

Mould Growth in Wet Electrical Room in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is Canada's third most rainy city, with over 161 rainy days per year. This much rain causes high humidity. High humidity doesn’t just affect how... READ MORE

Water Damage caused Secondary Damage/Mold Growth in Vancouver, BC

This flooded kitchen in Vancouver, BC was the result of the pipe leakage. Client didn't consider it as a serious issue then after 2 weeks they called SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Reconstruction/Renovation of old Kitchen built in 1997

SERVPRO of North Vancouver not only providing all the restoration services but also our experienced professional engineers can design, remodel and reconstruct a... READ MORE

Water Damage in Vancouver, BC

This wet ceiling happened in multi-family building in Vancouver, BC as a result of broken pipe. A leaking or broken pipe provides plenty of moisture, so the lon... READ MORE

Water Damage caused Mould Growth in Vancouver, BC

This mould growth was the result of a broken pipe in the old multi-family house located in Vancouver, BC.Notice the extent of water damage; the source of water ... READ MORE