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Presence of Bad Odour in Home: Sources and Tips to Remove

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

Bad Odour in Home Image Credit: https://www.realtor.com

Odour is the result of volatile chemical compounds present in a low concentration that people can perceive by smelling. Odour can be pleasant or unpleasant, but in most cases, it is associated with bad smell. Therefore, people try to get rid of bad-smelling odour so they can lie in peace and use every means necessary. Odours can spread very quickly that can result in people scattering away if not treated timely. As a homeowner, you can take care of odours by using an air freshener or scented candles. Hiring professional services for odour removal in Vancouver is always a good idea to identify the source and eradicate the foul smell.

Professional restoration in Vancouver, BC, like SERVPRO North Vancouver has the accessibility to penetrate into the source of the odour and eliminate the unpleasant smell. Our technicians are also trained in using various chemical agents to avoid bleaching or damage to structural integrity while keeping your premises smelling suitable for long.

Reasons for Odour in Homes

The presence of bad smell in homes is not a rare phenomenon, and most people are oblivious of what causes such odours. Sometimes it is due to bad lifestyle or the presence of microorganisms. There are various reasons for odour presence in your home, some of which are as shown below:

  • Pets

Pets are our furry friends that we consider as a part of our family; however, the sad part is that they are a significant contributor to a bad smell in homes. Pet urine smell is something that you cannot quickly eliminate. Pet hair and dander also causes odour inside homes while clearing the smell off wood floors is almost impossible. Professional odour removal in Vancouver take pets as a significant source of bad smell and recommend pet training to urinate outside rather than on the carpet.

  • Moisture

While the presence of moisture is a good thing, too much of it is very damaging for structure and produces a foul smell. Moisture can make its ways into your clothes and leave a bad smell in the room. It can also cause wooden frames to deteriorate, grow mould and cause odour. Moisture caused due to non-clearance of pet urine on carpets or rugs can also be a source of bad smell.

  • Dirty Air Ducts

Unclean and dusty air ducts also create a foul smell inside your home. Ducts and vents circulate air throughout the house, and dirty ducts mean the scent is present in every corner of the home. Over time, these ducts become a breeding ground for bacteria, worms; microorganisms etc. and affect the air quality. Services for restoration in Vancouver, BC, consider cleaning air ducts as a first step towards eradication of bad odour.

  • Sewage Problems and Water Damage

Another source of foul smell is a clogged sewage line that causes dirty water to seep through without notice. Drying of sewage lines can also cause the buildup of harmful gases that spread throughout your home. In addition, if you have any water damage in the past like flood or leakage, this can cause an accumulation of moisture that becomes a breeding ground for mould and mildew, causing a foul smell. Odour removal in Vancouver considers water leakage as a source and use equipment to keep the area dry and repair any leakage of water or sewage lines in homes.

 Tips to Remove Odour

Lingering bad odour causes unpleasant living conditions that homeowners want to remove. We have some professional tips that you can use to prevent odour in the home until service for odour removal in Vancouver arrives to eradicate it from the source. Some of these tips are as shown below:

  • Regularly clean the insides of your home with aromatic deodorizing agents to keep the smell at bay. While the scent will remain until you eradicate the source, regular cleaning will ensure that the living area remains pleasant until a professional service can remove the cause of the bad smell
  • Always make sure that you take out the trash every day and not leave it in the kitchen or near air ducts. The aroma will spread all through the home. Use garbage bags to collect daily trash and put it outside for the collectors to take it away.
  • If you have past flooding or water leakage present, call restoration in Vancouver, BC, to immediately to clear the moisture present. Moisture can cause mould to grow, and they create lousy smell in clusters. Professional restoration services can also identify possible areas of mould growth and effectively remove them to improve air quality
  • Carpets and rugs can be a significant source of bad smell as they can grow mould in the presence of moisture or soak pet urine, thus giving off disgusting smell in the room. You can opt for cleaning the carpet yourself, but it is a good idea to hire odour removal in Vancouver to clean them professionally
  • Smoking does not usually cause bad smells, and you can use air fresheners and scented candles to get rid of the tobacco smell. However, if your room is exposed to smoking regularly, the smell will take its place in the room and will be challenging to mitigate. Try to smoke outside your home to keep the air inside clean, healthy and pleasant

Benefits of Hiring Professional Odour Removal in Vancouver

  • You receive a service composed of skilled professionals who know how to handle and treat odour sources
  • They create an atmosphere of safe and healthy environment by removing the unpleasant smell
  • Services for restoration in Vancouver, BC, like SERVPRO North Vancouver are reliable in their services and use treatment methods that pose no threat to both the environment and occupants
  • They know modern methods to get rid of odours and will make your home the way it was before
  • They provide quick and efficient service for odour removal by utilizing needed skills and expertise. They have mastered their service and have experience in dealing with any type of issue

Final Word

Presence of odour in the home is always an unpleasant experience that needs immediate mitigation. Services of odour removal in Vancouver are professionals that can quickly identify and eradicate foul smells and prevent it from happening again for a long time.

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