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Presence of Bad Odour in Home: Sources and Tips to Remove

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

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Odour is the result of volatile chemical compounds present in a low concentration that people can perceive by smelling. Odour can be pleasant or unpleasant, but in most cases, it is associated with bad smell. Therefore, people try to get rid of bad-smelling odour so they can lie in peace and use every means necessary. Odours can spread very quickly that can result in people scattering away if not treated timely. As a homeowner, you can take care of odours by using an air freshener or scented candles. Hiring professional services for odour removal in Vancouver is always a good idea to identify the source and eradicate the foul smell.

Professional restoration in Vancouver, BC, like SERVPRO North Vancouver has the accessibility to penetrate into the source of the odour and eliminate the unpleasant smell. Our technicians are also trained in using various chemical agents to avoid bleaching or damage to structural integrity while keeping your premises smelling suitable for long.

Reasons for Odour in Homes

The presence of bad smell in homes is not a rare phenomenon, and most people are oblivious of what causes such odours. Sometimes it is due to bad lifestyle or the presence of microorganisms. There are various reasons for odour presence in your home, some of which are as shown below:

  • Pets

Pets are our furry friends that we consider as a part of our family; however, the sad part is that they are a significant contributor to a bad smell in homes. Pet urine smell is something that you cannot quickly eliminate. Pet hair and dander also causes odour inside homes while clearing the smell off wood floors is almost impossible. Professional odour removal in Vancouver take pets as a significant source of bad smell and recommend pet training to urinate outside rather than on the carpet.

  • Moisture

While the presence of moisture is a good thing, too much of it is very damaging for structure and produces a foul smell. Moisture can make its ways into your clothes and leave a bad smell in the room. It can also cause wooden frames to deteriorate, grow mould and cause odour. Moisture caused due to non-clearance of pet urine on carpets or rugs can also be a source of bad smell.

  • Dirty Air Ducts

Unclean and dusty air ducts also create a foul smell inside your home. Ducts and vents circulate air throughout the house, and dirty ducts mean the scent is present in every corner of the home. Over time, these ducts become a breeding ground for bacteria, worms; microorganisms etc. and affect the air quality. Services for restoration in Vancouver, BC, consider cleaning air ducts as a first step towards eradication of bad odour.

  • Sewage Problems and Water Damage

Another source of foul smell is a clogged sewage line that causes dirty water to seep through without notice. Drying of sewage lines can also cause the buildup of harmful gases that spread throughout your home. In addition, if you have any water damage in the past like flood or leakage, this can cause an accumulation of moisture that becomes a breeding ground for mould and mildew, causing a foul smell. Odour removal in Vancouver considers water leakage as a source and use equipment to keep the area dry and repair any leakage of water or sewage lines in homes.

 Tips to Remove Odour

Lingering bad odour causes unpleasant living conditions that homeowners want to remove. We have some professional tips that you can use to prevent odour in the home until service for odour removal in Vancouver arrives to eradicate it from the source. Some of these tips are as shown below:

  • Regularly clean the insides of your home with aromatic deodorizing agents to keep the smell at bay. While the scent will remain until you eradicate the source, regular cleaning will ensure that the living area remains pleasant until a professional service can remove the cause of the bad smell
  • Always make sure that you take out the trash every day and not leave it in the kitchen or near air ducts. The aroma will spread all through the home. Use garbage bags to collect daily trash and put it outside for the collectors to take it away.
  • If you have past flooding or water leakage present, call restoration in Vancouver, BC, to immediately to clear the moisture present. Moisture can cause mould to grow, and they create lousy smell in clusters. Professional restoration services can also identify possible areas of mould growth and effectively remove them to improve air quality
  • Carpets and rugs can be a significant source of bad smell as they can grow mould in the presence of moisture or soak pet urine, thus giving off disgusting smell in the room. You can opt for cleaning the carpet yourself, but it is a good idea to hire odour removal in Vancouver to clean them professionally
  • Smoking does not usually cause bad smells, and you can use air fresheners and scented candles to get rid of the tobacco smell. However, if your room is exposed to smoking regularly, the smell will take its place in the room and will be challenging to mitigate. Try to smoke outside your home to keep the air inside clean, healthy and pleasant

Benefits of Hiring Professional Odour Removal in Vancouver

  • You receive a service composed of skilled professionals who know how to handle and treat odour sources
  • They create an atmosphere of safe and healthy environment by removing the unpleasant smell
  • Services for restoration in Vancouver, BC, like SERVPRO North Vancouver are reliable in their services and use treatment methods that pose no threat to both the environment and occupants
  • They know modern methods to get rid of odours and will make your home the way it was before
  • They provide quick and efficient service for odour removal by utilizing needed skills and expertise. They have mastered their service and have experience in dealing with any type of issue

Final Word

Presence of odour in the home is always an unpleasant experience that needs immediate mitigation. Services of odour removal in Vancouver are professionals that can quickly identify and eradicate foul smells and prevent it from happening again for a long time.

Common Causes of Roof leaks and Their Prevention

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Roof leaks and Their Prevention Image Credit: TL Home Improvement LLC

Roof leakage is the last thing you need to stress about in your life whether your home is big or small. To be honest, nobody wants to run with a bucket every time it rains to prevent dripping water on the floor. Not only is keeping yourself on top of the weather forecast is impractical, but constant dripping means you have the serious expense of time and money coming your way. Over the course of time, roof leakage is the most common issue that commercial or residential places experience.

Roof leakage repair can bring severe damage to your home if not identified and repaired promptly. Restoration emergency services like SERVPRO North Vancouver can pinpoint the exact cause where the leakage occurs and make repairs where necessary.

Running water can make its way through your roof and cause a severe problem if you are not careful as it can penetrate your home very quickly. Even a small drip in the house should be a severe inconvenience and treated accordingly. To make matters easy to identify, here are some major cause of roof leakage and some tips to avoid happening in future. Note that there might be other causes besides the ones mentioned that professional roof leak repair in Vancouver can identify and repair.

Common Causes of Roof Leakage                                                          

  • Ageing Material

Ageing roof material is the leading cause of leakage as, with time, content like asphalt shingles can become old and wear out. Environmental conditions like changes on temperature can also cause roofing material to go brittle and eventually crack. The tar that holds shingles together may wear off due to direct sunlight and melt it. Just like everything else in the world, roofing material also has a life that loses its battle with time. This s the point where you need to either budget a new roof or call restoration emergency services for repairs before it gets worse.

  • Flashing Damage

Roof flashing is galvanized steel used to divert the water away from the critical areas of the roof. Roof flashing is installed in a place where the two roof slopes meet and hence prone to cracks over time. Usually, roofers use a material like tar or sealant to seal the flashing together, but that also deteriorates with time and makes flashing vulnerable to damage. Once the flashing is damaged, it loses its ability to divert, and water starts dripping from that area. Flashing can be destroyed due to various conditions like moisture, wind or air pressure. Roof leak repair in Vancouver can check for flash damage and repair it immediately, saving you from further damage.

  • Weather Conditions

Unexpected weather is also a major cause of roof leakage, as you never know what will happen and be prepared to handle that situation. Weather conditions like heatwave, heavy rain, windstorms and others can cause the material of the roof to lose its capacity, and thus leakage happens in various parts. Ice and snow can build up and cause the gutters to be clogged and cause water to drip from leakage overtime. Intense heat, cold and wild temperature can all cause the roofing material to degrade. Restoration emergency services can give your roofs preventive coverings that can save it from harsh temperature for some time. 

  • Cracked Vent Boot

Roof vents look like small pipes that stick out the top of a roof, and their purpose is to expel moisture from inside. Leaks can form due to cracks in vents that causes the moisture to start dripping from that area. Vent booting is usually rubber strips that hold the pipes together and can crack or decay after some time, causing water to drip.

  • Improperly Installed Skylights

Improperly fixed skylights are also a cause that services for roof leakage repair in Vancouver often identify. Roof skylights act as a direct barrier between external conditions and your roof, and improper setting means a direct impact on your roof. It can also be caused by decayed insulation present along the edges of the skylight. In simple words, any problem with skylights will produce cause and effect on your living. Notice dark spots around the flashing of skylights that will indicate the problem.

  • Clogged Gutters

Constant winds, rain, and snow bring lots of debris and snow buildup that can clog roof gutters. This clogging will cause leaves and trash to block the drainage system and water will rise and travel to where it finds an opening.

Fixing Roof Leakage Issues

Professionals and experts of restoration emergency services give us some tips to prevent roof leakage.

  • If you see decaying flashing, use nails to pry and secure the old flashing. Remove cracked segments or shingles out of the way to see if there is any leakage present underneath. Gently put a new piece in its place and secure it with a fresh sealant in the same pattern as your old roof. Use nails to secure and apply a coat of sealant on nails too
  • For damaged material, pry the roof nails holding the shingles and remove the damaged equipment. Repeat the same process for every damaged part and replace it with a new one
  • If the valley of your roof slopes is not appropriately sealed, professional roof leak repair in Vancouver like SERVPRO North Vancouver can replace and bind them. This is a job for trained professionals so do not try to fix it on your own
  • If you have a cracked vent boot, use a knife to peel away the rubber covering around the vent. Break the seal holding the shingles, slide a new rubber boot underneath, and bring the pipe down onto the roof. Then use nails and fresh sealant to secure the roof
  • Clear debris off improperly placed skylights and check for cracks. Use a clear silicone to seal the crevices along the length of the skylight. If necessary, check the surrounding flashing and replace in needed
  • If you have clogged gutters, all you can do is to either raise a ladder and clear it yourself or call restoration emergency services to clear it all the way and identify any other causes of roof leakage

What Should You Know About Commercial Cleaning Services?

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Commercial cleaning is the provision of cleaning utilities for commercial premises like businesses or offices. In both residential and commercial settings, we need thorough and regular cleaning to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment. Commercial cleaning services provide us with cleaning facilities that meet the standard regulations maintained for commercial areas. Cleaning is also necessary to provide everyone with a safe and healthy workplace, free from diseases. Commercial cleaning is a term used for any company that offers a cleaning service for office and business settings. Various restoration companies in Vancouver offer cleaning services with expertise, skills, equipment and staff to carry out the duties.

Why Should You Hire Commercial Cleaning Services?

Various reasons can trigger the need for cleaning service for a commercial setting. Some of these reasons can be as mentioned below:

  • Reliability of Service

Commercial cleaning services have crews trained and skilled in carrying out the service for office settings. These services are reliable in terms of service and expertise to complete the job in a timely and professional manner. Attempting a cleaning task by yourself will always leave it incomplete due to lack of equipment and knowledge. Professional cleaning services in this regard are highly reliable in carrying out the services with ease.

  • Flexible Service

Everybody has a busy schedule in this busy time and allocating slot for cleaning activities is a highly unlikely facto to add in your commotion list. After a tiring day of work, you will be so tired that even the mention of cleaning task will become stress. Professional Restoration Companies in Vancouver will give you a time slot according to your work schedule, convenience and availability. The staff will arrive at your doorstep at the designated time, and you have the liberty to complete the cleaning task without hindering your schedule. 

  • Equipment Handling

Commercial cleaning services use appropriate cleaning equipment to complete the service the cleaning job. Use of proper equipment is a necessary element of a successful cleaning gig in any setting (commercial or residential). The crew is trained to handle the material with the utmost expertise, and they use cleaning agents the does not pose a threat to your health or environment as well as compromising the structural integrity. You will always lack the equipment and expertise to handle them if you attempt a cleaning duty yourself. The use and handling of proper equipment is another reason compels us to hire professional cleaning services.

  • Licensing

Professional restoration company in Vancouver like SERVPRO North Vancouver have the necessary license to practice their services. The license permits them to use the equipment, and they have insurance coverage in case of any damage done during cleaning duty.

Services Offered by Professional Cleaning Companies

Everyone wants to maintain a clean living and working environment, and in this matter, the best choice is to hire a professional Commercial Cleaning Company. They have the means and skills to carry out the service as promised, along with best cleaning solutions. Before you decide to spend your expense on a service that does not deliver you the quality you deserve, you should contact us instead for a quote, as we are a reliable company operating throughout Vancouver. Our cleaning services include:

  • Standard Maintenance

Restoration companies in Vancouver provide professional standard maintenance services for their valued clients. This cleaning category includes wiping of dusty areas, litter clearance, floor maintenance and emptying trash bins. These services usually have contracts every week and carried out of an off day where no staff member is present to give the service without hindrance.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is also a service offered by cleaning companies that act as an essential cleaning solution. Restaurants, hotels, homeowners and offices usually attain this service, and the focus of this service is to make the place look tidy for anyone visiting. Commercial cleaning services offer this service to clean the carpets of dust that become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and microorganisms. Clean carpets mean the place has a healthy atmosphere as cleaners use particular purpose product that create no threat to the environment or health. Carpet cleaning breathes new life into the upholstery and clear pathogens and spore while prolonging the life of the carpet. There is nothing more delightful than a clean rug to reflect your cleanliness.

  • Sanitation Services

Restoration companies in Vancouver offer sanitation services for establishments like clinics, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants etc. who need to meet standards of operating. Sanitation is a necessary aspect of any commercial establishment, and for this, their best bet is to hire a professional cleaning service. They know the standards of cleanliness that such establishments need and can sanitize your property accordingly. Sanitation services also eliminate the threat of contamination by clearing the area of bacteria and harmful viruses.

  • Graffiti Removal

The professional image of any office or building comes to life due to the presence of graffiti that can turn off any business deal in progress. It gives an unprofessional impression to visitors or a client as well as reducing the value of a property. The need to hire a commercial cleaning service at this point is that graffiti is not easy to remove. Professional cleaners can use various removal material to clear the graffiti and retrieve the professional glory of the structure.

  • Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is standard in large office buildings or skyscrapers and is a service not everyone offers. Professional restoration companies in Vancouver like SERVPRO North Vancouver has the resources and expertise to carry out window cleaning services with the utmost consideration.  

  • Multi Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services have the expertise to take care of both commercial and residential jobs. There is not a very noticeable difference between them except for home and workplace setting. The cleaning crew employed by these cleaning services take special consideration in providing services to both types of clients. They provide various services like mopping, dusting, vacuuming, toilet and wall clearing with the utmost professionalism. They know the latest methods and techniques to give their client the quality of service that makes them the best service to consider always.

Types and Importance Commercial Cleaning Services

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Commercial cleaning service means providing any premises, whether residential or commercial, with cleaning utilities. Our homes or offices need a clean and hygienic environment, and Commercial Cleaning Services in Vancouver provide us with excellent standards of cleanliness. Cleaning is also necessary because it keeps us healthy and away from diseases.

Commercial cleaning is a term used for any individual or company that provides cleaning services. There are various types of cleaning services offered by companies. These have expertise, skills, equipment, and staff to carry out the activities.

Reasons to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

There are various reasons to hire a restoration company in Vancouver or other cleaning services for cleaning jobs. Some of these reasons are:

  • Flexibility of Time

If you have a busy work schedule, then it is highly unlikely you can add cleaning to your commotion list. You might be so tired after your hard day that you will see cleaning as a burden. Commercial cleaning services in Vancouver give you a schedule designed according to your convenience and availability. The staff of any cleaning service will arrive at your doorstep at the given time. You can complete your cleaning activities without having to change your schedule.

  • Reliability

Cleaning services have crews composed of skilled and professional cleaners to carry out any cleaning job. These professionals can complete various cleaning jobs at any appointed time. Completing all the cleaning tasks by yourself will always be incomplete because of a lack of equipment and expertise. Commercial services in this regard are highly reliable in carrying out various cleaning jobs with ease.

  • Use of Equipment

Restoration companies in Vancouver and other cleaning services use appropriate cleaning equipment to complete cleaning tasks. Whether the cleaning is for commercial or residential settings, the use of proper equipment is a necessary aspect. Cleaning services use equipment and cleaning products that do not pose any threat to your health or structural integrity. You might lack some equipment when you try cleaning by yourself, and hence your job will remain incomplete. The use of proper equipment is another reason that makes cleaning services suitable to hire.

  • Insurance

Reliable cleaning services have insurance and license to use their equipment on your premises and take special care not to damage anything during their activity.

Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

If you want to maintain cleanliness, your best bet is to hire commercial cleaning services in Vancouver immediately. The experienced and skilled cleaning crew will deliver just as promised and offer you the best cleaning solutions. In case you have spent your hard-earned money on unskilled cleaners, you should ask for a quote from us, as we are a well-established cleaning company providing our expertise all over Vancouver. There are various cleaning services we offer, which includes:

  • Residential and Office Cleaning

As an expert cleaning crew, we have expertise in both residential and office cleaning. There is not much difference between the two other than home and workplace settings. The cleaning crew takes special care in providing sincere cleaning service to residential and commercial customers. They work in flexible hours, and the kind of cleaning includes dusting, mopping, wiping toilet cleaning, and vacuuming.

  • Standard Maintenance

Restoration companies in Vancouver also provide standard maintenance services to their clients that cover wiping dusty places, clearing the litter, and emptying waste bins along with floor maintenance. This service usually gets a weekly or monthly contract.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is also a service that cleaning companies offer and is an essential cleaning solution. Hotels, restaurants, and offices, and sometimes homeowners usually take this service. The focus of this service type is to ensure that the home or workplace looks clean and tidy for visitors. This helps to maintain a healthy environment by clearing the carpets and other upholstery of germs and dust. Cleaners use unique products on a carpet rather than vacuuming to eliminate dust, stains, or spores and other pathogens present. Carpet cleaning breathes a new life and prolongs its life without the need for replacement. Nothing looks more delightful than a clean carpet at home or office that reflects your cleanliness.

  • Sanitation

Establishments like clinics, hospitals, restaurants, and kitchens must meet specific sanitization standards to remain operative. If sanitation is a necessary aspect of your establishment, then hiring commercial cleaning services in Vancouver is the best option, as they know the methods to sanitize your premises. Sanitization services also eliminate the threat of contamination later on while keeping the area free of germs and bacteria.

  • Window Cleaning

This type of cleaning service is common in commercial settings like offices, shops, or skyscrapers and is a service; not every cleaner facilitates. So, it is highly recommended to hire professional Restoration Companies in Vancouver for the job. Their specialized crew and skilled experts are well equipped to complete the job with the utmost consideration.

  • Graffiti Removal

The presence of graffiti can give a commercial setting a lousy impression and turn off any ethical dealings in progress. This also affects potential customers, tenants, and applicants and reduce the value of your property. Another problem with graffiti is that it is not easy to remove. This makes commercial cleaning service in Vancouver the best option for removal services.

Importance of Cleaning Services

At both home and office, regular cleaning is a necessary factor to maintain a healthy environment and keep the area tidy. An adequate standard of cleanliness for a healthy lifestyle (residential) or required by regulations (commercial). Hiring the services of restoration companies in Vancouver for cleaning is essential for places where guests and visitors are frequent. The importance of commercial cleaning lies in taking a different approach to cleanliness. Businesses need to maintain a clean environment for their employees or homeowners for their families.

Staying clean and keeping, a tidy living/working area is the key to promote your image of a healthy and clean individual who has their priorities set straight. That is why cleaning needs to be a frequent activity for everyone to keep a healthy lifestyle free from diseases and illness.  

How to inspect and clean reusable 3M respirator?

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

Inspect and clean reusable 3M respirator 3M respirator, mold remediation, mold removal, mold inspection, mask clean up

Inspection of 3M™ Reusable Respirators is recommended before each use to ensure good operating condition. The facepiece must be repaired or replaced if there are damaged or defective parts. The following inspection procedure is suggested:

  1. Check facepiece for cracks, tears and dirt. Be certain the facepiece, especially the faceseal area, is not distorted.
  2. Examine inhalation valves for signs of distortion, cracking or tearing.
  3. Make sure that head straps are intact and have good elasticity.
  4. Examine all plastic parts for signs of cracking or fatiguing. Make sure filter gaskets or seal areas are in good condition.
  5. Remove the exhalation valve cover and examine the exhalation valve and valve seat for signs of dirt, distortion, cracking or tearing. Replace exhalation valve cover.
  6. Inspect the lens of full facepiece respirators for any damage that may impair its performance or vision.

Cleaning is recommended after each use. 3M™ Respirator Cleaning Wipes 504 may be used as an interim method in the cleaning schedule for individually assigned respirators, but this should not be the only method in place. During fit testing, these wipes may also be used to clean masks between employees being tested. However, respirators must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day, using these procedures:

  1. Remove cartridges and filters.
  2. Clean facepiece (excluding filters) by immersing in warm cleaning solution, the water temperature should not exceed 50º C, and scrub with soft brush until clean. Add neutral detergent if necessary. Do not use cleaners containing lanolin or other oils.
  3. Disinfect the facepiece by soaking in a solution of quaternary ammonia disinfectant or dilute sodium hypochlorite (30 mL household bleach in 7.5 L of water), or another suitable disinfectant.
  4. Rinse in fresh, warm water and air dry in a clean non-contaminated area.
  5. Inspect the respirator components prior to reassembly. A respirator with any damaged or deteriorated components must be repaired or discarded.
  6. Store the clean respirator away from contaminated areas when not in use.

NOTE: The above information is also outlined in the user’s instructions. Additionally, see specific product user instructions packaged with each respirator facepiece for additional information

Hygienists 3M Australia

Benefits of Hiring a Restoration Company in Water Loss

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

Trained water damage restoration professionals have knowledge about the potential hazards of water damage. Water damage restoration, Hiring Restoration Company in water loss, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby

Water damage never comes at any convenient time; it can come anytime and can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, it is necessary that proper water damage restoration is done in order to prevent the further losses. 

  1. Quick restoration is possible: Water damage Restoration Company has all the essential tools and adequate training that can help you get rid of standing water in your property quickly. They also extract the excess amount of water from carpets and immediately start the drying process. Time is very crucial when it comes to water damage. The sooner the water will be removed, the lesser, the damage to your property will be. It will also prevent mold growth and secondary damages. Otherwise, the mold will begin to grow again if the water is not removed within 48 hours.
  2. Health concerns are eliminated. Flood waters generally comprise sewage water and thus contain hazardous micro-organisms and bacteria that can cause serious health issues. Trained water damage restoration professionals have knowledge about the potential hazards of water damage and have the necessary equipment to protect themselves too during the clean-up. Moreover, they have essential disinfectants and chemicals to make property free from harmful bacteria.
  3.  Total loss is reduced. Just give yourself a thought, what will happen if the water is removed quickly? Obviously, there will be less damage, and hence less money will be spent on repairing and replacing the damaged items of home. So, your overall loss is reduced to a great extent, if you hire a professional water damage restoration company sooner. Remember, flooding can cause damage to the structure of your place and exposure to water for a long time can worsen the condition by damaging walls, flooring and contents. Water can seep into the walls, and increase the chances of mold growth.
  4.  Proper insurance claim guidance. Professional water damage restoration companies have enough knowledge and experience to help you get a good amount from the insurance firm. They can provide report, proof, pictures and estimate using insurance guidelines can help you in gathering valid proofs that you can provide to the insurance company at the time of any dispute.

SERVPRO of North Vancouver has our customers covered from water extraction to putting the final coat of paint on your surfaces. Our certified IICRC technicians offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
    • Inspection of Damage Assessment
    • Water Removal and Extraction
    • Dehumidification
    • Cleaning, Sanitizing and disinfecting
    • Mold Testing/Remediation
    • Debris Removal
    • Restoration of the damaged area.

SERVPRO also have extensive experience handling insurance claims and can help you get a fair settlement of the insurance claim from your insurance company. To try us, call us (604) 558-4849.

How to detect hidden mold?

7/23/2020 (Permalink)

Using thermal imaging to identify potential causes of water leaks and moisture intrusion Hidden mold, mold detection, thermal camera, SERVPRO, North Vancouver, Burnaby

The fact that mold is "hidden" in buildings does not mean one cannot find it. Here we describe use of a borescope to find hidden mold in building wall or ceiling cavities; Growth pattern of some toxic molds in wall cavities maps insulation installation patterns; Strategies for choosing where to make test cuts to check walls or ceilings for hidden mold contamination.

This blog explains methods to find hidden molds in the buildings.

The goal of sampling is to learn about the levels of mold growth and amplification in buildings. There are no EPA or OSHA standards for levels of fungi and mold in indoor environments. There are also no standard collection methods. However, several generally accepted collection methods are available to inspectors to study mold (and bacteria) in indoor environments.

  • Destructive:

        In this method inspector opens the drywall          or removes flooring to detect hidden mold.          This method is costly and always makes              more damage to the building.

  • Non-Destructive:

        Inspector by using high-tech equipment              detects mold grow location and provide                sample for lab.

SERVPRO of North Vancouver using high-resolution thermal cameras, moisture meter to detect location of the molds after sending the samples to lab, owner will notify on mold type and grow in the building with professional report. This method is cost effective solution and more accurate than other methods.

Reach out SERVPRO of North Vancouver at (604) 558-4849 or 

Our experts are ready to inspect your property with affordable cost and most reliable results.

Restoring wildfire soot

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Restoring Fire Soot A wildfire burns on a mountain near Ashcroft, B.C.

Soot is the product of incomplete combustion of fuel. As wood burns it emits volatile gases. The gases are very hot, and coalesce together into particles, which grow in size. A hot enough fire will burn soot particles, but soot can escape into the surrounding air if the fire is not able to consume them.

Wildfires depend on different types of wood and vegetation for their fuel. The fuel of wood and brush are composed of varying amounts of cellulose, lignin, tannins and other polyphenols, oils, fats, resins, waxes, and starches that produce different chemical compounds. Surprising to some people, even brush, trees and the burnt ground are capable of releasing toxic smoke in air.

A hotter wildfire will convert more fuel into elemental carbon, which forms into tiny particles that absorb light and appear in the sky as black smoke. A cooler wildfire combustion—or one that doesn’t work as efficiently—yields less-pure forms of carbonized particles. Cooler combustion conditions tend to reflect light easier, thus, making the smoke to look white.

A wildfire can produce multiple colors of smoke: First, the shock of hot, flaming combustion of dry underbrush, dead foliage and leaves on trees and bushes tend to burn fast; they release large minute particles of black soot into the atmosphere. Burning heavier branches produce larger black particles. Second, the blaze also produces smoldering combustion, (think of the glowing logs at the bottom of a campfire—these embers are not burning quite as hot). Wood forests and wood framed buildings that are not completely combusted (consumed) tend to leave black char wood behind. As the wildfire continues to burn large trees a more complete combustion produces lighter color smoke as ash.

The basic by-products of a fire are carbon dioxide and water. You can’t see carbon dioxide, but water vapor in air might make smoke appear lighter in color. The steam produced by wildfire wood can turn into a white pyrocumulous cloud that mixes with black smoke and makes the plume look gray. A number of other factors, including weather, the growth stage of the wildfire, and terrain can influence wildfire behavior.

The intense heat, especially early in a fire, lofts smoke particles high in air, where smoke and soot by-products remain until they cool and begin to fall towards the ground. Initial fire plumes tend to be wildfire wind-driven events, which can facilitate prediction of the smoke impact area. As smoke moves downwind, it becomes more dilute and widespread, where it eventually reaches ground level and settles on cooler surfaces. The amount and type of fuel and its moisture content affects smoke production, as does the stage of fire suppression. The smoldering phase of a fire can sometimes result in very high particle emissions (embers) in air due to incomplete combustion.

Trust SERVPRO of North Vancouver for any wildfire damage clean up, we are Here to Help. Schedule an assessment at (604) 558-4849, and a well equipped and trained team of restoration specialists can arrive within an hour.

How Fire Soot Damage Your House?

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damaged House, Soot Clean up Luxury Hotel Damaged by Fire, Photo Credit: Fox NEWS

When a fire occurs in the building, the heat and flames are not the only fire damage causing problems to be concerned about. Smoke generated from the blaze burning structural materials and other components can travel throughout an entire home and ruin its contents. Residue from the smoke can permanently stain contents and building materials requiring them to be replaced. In some cases, it is possible to save contents and materials by cleaning and removing soot residues. The level of difficulty for doing so is contingent on the type of soot that is present in the property following the fire.

Soot occurs whenever anything containing hydrocarbons is burnt, so it can be caused by these issues: 

  • Poorly ventilated fireplaces
  • Constant candle usage
  • Defective home furnaces
  • Smoking tobacco or other plant matter indoors
  • Using high temperatures while cooking
  • Proximity to industrial facilities that use combustion-based power sources
  • Exposure to a vehicle's exhaust emissions

Wet Smoke Versus Dry Smoke

The length of time and overall clean ability of soot strongly depends on how wet or dry the smoke that caused the damage was. Dry smoke is a result of the blaze burning natural materials quickly and with a significant supply of oxygen. Wet smoke occurs when a fire burns synthetic materials at a slow pace with very little oxygen. It is extremely common for a fire to create both types of smoke while burning.

Health Risks of Soot

If it goes untreated or improperly cleaned, tiny particles of soot can be inhaled deep into the lungs. These toxic particles can cause breathing issues, including aggravated asthma, bronchitis and more severe respiratory illnesses that can restrict your ability to carry out normal activities

The easiest soot to clean is caused by dry smoke. SERVPRO of North Vancouver uses dry sponges to wipe dry soot off and also can clean it using water-based chemicals. As an additional step, it is very helpful to vacuum carpets and fabrics to remove loose soot and debris. Removing soot from smoke that is too wet, requires much more aggressive cleaning methods that can be extremely difficult or even impossible in some cases.

Smoke Damage from Protein Fires

A large percentage of kitchen fires have a protein fuel source. Protein types of fuels that are commonly burned as a source include meat, poultry, and fish. These proteins produce smoke that leaves behind a residue, which is usually yellow or amber in color. These residues create a foul odor and must be fully cleaned in order for the smell to be removed. Some of this residue cannot be seen but will still cause a foul odor. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the property thoroughly in order to remove the odor completely.

Smoke Damage Cleaning and Odor Removal Services

If you have experienced a fire in your property, SERVPRO of North Vancouver is a professional fire restoration company that can help you restore your property, clean soot, and remove odor caused by smoke. We work closely with you and your insurance adjuster to make this stressful situation as smooth as possible. Give us a call 24/7 at 604-558-4849 to get started!

Structural Integrity and Mold Growth

6/26/2020 (Permalink)

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Molds gradually destroy whatever they grow on, so preventing mold growth also prevents damage to building materials and furnishings.

If a mold and moisture problem goes unaddressed long enough, structural damage is likely to result. For example, if a roof is allowed to leak long enough, molds can weaken floors and walls by feeding on the wet wood.

When mold is suspected of causing damage to the structural integrity of a building, a structural engineer or other professional with relevant expertise should be consulted.

Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces where relative humidity (RH) is high are common sites of hidden mold growth, particularly if the crawl space has a bare earth floor. The soil will wick moisture, through capillary action, from moist to dry areas. The relative warmth of the crawl space will dry the soil by evaporation, adding this moisture to the air in the crawl space where it can cause mold to grow. Also, in areas where the water table is high and weather conditions are suitable, ground water may enter a crawl space.

The moisture that accumulates in a crawl space may also enter another part of the building and contribute to mold growth there. Moisture can pass from a crawl space into a building through cracks in walls, floors and ceilings.

Crawl spaces should be designed specifically to avoid moisture problems. 

Drying Buildings, Building Materials, and Furnishings

Buildings and building furnishings will often get wet. They must be dried or "allowed to dry" quickly (within 24-48 hours) in order to avoid mold growth. In general, increasing air circulation and temperature will increase the speed of drying.

Commercial firms that do mold remediation work or work on water- and fire-damaged buildings often use large fans, dehumidifiers and other equipment to dry wet buildings and items quickly before mold has a chance to grow. This action can save money in the long run, because if the building or furnishings are dried completely and quickly, mold will not grow, and a mold remediation will not be needed.

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