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Cleaning and Sanitization Guide to Handle COVID-19 Spread

11/16/2020 (Permalink)

Cleaning and Sanitization Guide to Handle COVID-19 Spread Img Credit: www.healtheuropa.eu/

COVID-19 pandemic hit us quite severely recently, and we can still feel the after-effects of the damage it caused.  While many of us took the matter seriously, some people did not respond to the danger in the way they should have. Governments, health agencies and concerned authorities created awareness worldwide to create awareness of the issue and practice safety measures. However, the danger of COVID-19 has not passed as we prepare for a potential second wave. Since our first encounter, we took steps to save ourselves and loved ones from the effects by taking COVID-19 cleaning practices.

The world still has much to do in terms of handling the effects of COVID-19 and its future happenings. As the researches commence, we know that the transmission happens through respiratory systems or contaminated surfaces. The virus survives on the surface for a few hours to a few days depending on its severity. However, a piece of good news is that we can handle the virus by removing it from high touch point surfaces with simple disinfectants.

Keeping a habitable place, sanitized and disinfected was an essential factor. COVID-19 cleaning, in this aspect, has a far higher value than before. Various professional cleaning services have emphasized its importance and have offered ways to eradicate the effects. Let us discuss the importance of cleanliness during the post-COVID era and understand its effectiveness.

Why is Sanitization Important?

During the era of COVID, the value and importance of sanitization have increased drastically. However, do not confuse sanitization with cleaning. Dusting, mopping, sweeping and wiping grime form surface is the part of cleaning. Sanitization is the elimination of bacteria and viruses. You can clean anytime you want, however, if you consider COVID-19 cleaning, then sanitization is a necessary part of the process. Using a product that sanitizes has better effects in reducing viruses of specific types, thus making the area safe. That is why sanitization is a necessary aspect for facilities like hospitals, restaurants, health care facilities, shopping malls, gyms, schools and other areas.       

People need to go out for work or other activities that make the factor of sanitization even more critical. Staying indoor and practicing full safety measures ensures that you reduce the risk of effects from the virus.

Know the Difference between Cleaning and Sanitizing

When it comes to the generalization of these two terms, it is not just about semantics. Both these methods have distinct features to remove dust, dirt and germs accordingly.

Cleaning is the physical way of clearing dirt, dust, debris and other visible contaminations using soap, water and household items. Cleaning makes the environment and air clean but couldn’t eradicate germs completely. Sanitization, on the other hand, means that you lower the level of germs, bacteria and viruses to a level set by standards. COVID-19 cleaning means cleaning surfaces using various methods and then disinfecting or sanitizing it to eradicate the presence of the virus.

High Contact Surfaces We Should Clean and Sanitize

Regularly cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing high contact surfaces is a necessary aspect for both homeowners and business setting. For COVID-19 cleaning, use products and agents approved by health and safety authorities for maximum effectiveness. Alternatively, use automatic opening doors or other methods to reduce contact with surfaces. In short, routine cleaning with warm water and sanitizing with an approved product will ensure the surface remains safe to contact. Some of the highest contact surfaces that you need to keep in mind include:

  • Doorknobs
  • Tables
  • Countertops
  • Keyboards
  • Toilets
  • Handles and light switches
  • Faucets and sinks
  • Phones
  • Touch screens

The cleaning and sanitization of these surfaces is a crucial aspect to keep them safe occupant or employee use. Professional cleaning companies like SERVPRO North Vancouver use approved products and methods to keep high-risk surfaces free from infecting anyone. Professionals also emphasize on regular hand washing before and after touching a surface to reduce risks.

Use Right Products

Another vital part of the COVID-19 cleaning process is the use of the right products. While cleaning is easy using simple water and soap, sanitization needs utilization of products approved by health and safety standards. With the abundance of products in the market, the selection of the right sanitizing material becomes difficult. To make sure that you receive maximum effectiveness, consult the list of products stated in EPA lists. Many products claim to remove viruses; however, use the ones that regulate disinfectants and sanitize according to standard levels.

Final Word

COVID-19 cleaning is a challenging process that needs special consideration to remain effective. While we follow general guidelines for safety like wearing masks or washing hands, sanitizing and disinfection is also essential. Businesses and homeowners need to ensure proper practices by having a professional cleaning company handle all the issues. Stay safe and healthy by practicing safety measure for yourself and your loved ones.

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